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YouTube – An Untapped Resource?

Before & After YouTube Maximization

YouTube Marketing Checklist

Download the Checklist PPT – Click Here

Step 1 – How to set up your YouTube account

Step 2 – How to set up your YouTube profile

Step 3 – How to load videos onto YouTube

Step 4 – How to load videos from your Flip camera

Step 5 – Managing and Navigating Your Channel

Step 6 – Networking on YouTube

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Ladies and gentlemen, please use the following one liners for your first 10 YouTube Videos:

1.       “You know how we all like to watch people make fools of themselves?  Well, I’m the fool here – watch me and enjoy.”

2.       “You ever watched someone crash and burn?  Well, this video is my impression of that train wreck – I’m the train wreck – so, here we go.”

3.       “Have you ever seen something happen that was so incredibly uncomfortable that it made you squirm in sympathy?  Well, hold on – you might get that feeling again.”

4.       “I know you might be thinking that I’m a card board cut-out – but the truth is – I’m just extremely stiff.  The good news is that I loosen up here in 15 seconds…”

5.       “You know what?  In the next few seconds you’re going to witness something incredible…a true transformation – a boring looking person will become interesting in front of your eyes.”

6.       “I’ve got some good news and some bad news:  The bad news is that I’m not super smooth at this video thing – The good news is that this video is short and I’m not wearing satin – so stick around.”

7.       “Hi!  I’m nobody to you now – but somebody to someone somewhere – AND, if you watch this video, you’ll see what makes me funny – I know you’ll find it interesting.”

8.       “In the beginning, blah,blah, blah – who cares, right?  In the end, blah, blah, blah – why do we say that?  Whatever happened to “in the middle?”  Well, I’m here to share something remarkable.”

9.       “Hello, my name is insignificant and my face is new to you – but what really makes me interesting is the story I have to tell – it’s about Healthy Chocolate.”

10.   “You’re lucky…………………you’ve stumbled upon a real genius at work here – I’m creative yet quirky – I’m funny in a unique way – kind of like how clouds are funny.”

11.       “So, you want to be entertained, do you?  Well, check this out…