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Hi! Researching direct sales companies? Make sure you get the facts on LifeVantage. Let’s look at the factors that determine success in networking marketing. These include industry, timing, company, and products. You can see all the details and backup documentation here: Why LifeVantage is the Top Network Marketing Opportunity.

1. LifeVantage Taps Into 7 Multi-Billion Dollar Industries

Which industries are hot? Number one is health and wellness with $3 trillion in annual global spending. That’s a compelling reason to start a health and wellness business. Guess what? Number two and three are closely related: beauty/anti-aging and nutrition/weight loss. So far, LifeVantage is three for three. What are the next top-grossing industries? Animal health, skin care/cosmetics, and sports nutrition. The 7th place billion-dollar industry is a broad category—network marketing. Ever heard of that?

Let’s reiterate. LifeVantage has products categorized in the top seven money-making industries.

2. The Timing Couldn’t Be Better

If you’ve ever tried to start a network marketing business too early or too late, you understand why timing is key. Hit the sweet spot and you will be more likely to prosper. Start too early and there is little brand awareness. There is also a greater chance that the organization will fold before it gets going. If you start too late, you will have to compete in a saturated market. I’m talking about geographic markets and online markets.

LifeVantage is at the critical point of growth where network marketers have the best chance at success. LifeVantage is financially stable and is growing in awareness. However, there is an untapped market for their revolutionary products.

3. Impressive Track Record and Executive Team

When it comes to company cred, LifeVantage walks the walk. It currently has over $200 million in sales. It is a publicly traded (LFVN) company. It created the category of Nutrigenomics. The executive team has extensive experience in building multi-million dollar businesses. They also have a scientific advisory board that guides their research and development.

4. Products In A Class All Their Own

I love talking about LifeVantage products. A network marketing company can’t survive without quality products. LifeVantage’s products are phenomenal and they don’t really have any competition. This isn’t hype. It’s a fact. LifeVantage has pioneered the science of nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics is the study of the interaction of nutrition and genes. The goal of nutrigenomics is to extend the human lifespan. Bottom line? LifeVantage sells products designed to extend human life. Do you know anyone who is interested in living longer? (Sarcasm alert.)

For documentation on these four points, download the more-detailed document linked to above. There is also important additional information about the LifeVantage opportunity. Knowledge is power. Know the facts before you join a network marketing company.

With LifeVantage, you can shoot for the stars. For new LifeVantage entrepreneurs, the stars are aligned.

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