Wasatch Labs, Draper Utah 84020

Wasatch Labs is a premium, Liquid-ONLY Contract Manufacturer (or Co-Packer) that is based in beautiful Draper, Utah.  Established in 1996, Wasatch uniquely caters to a wide variety of customers from brand new start-ups to industry giants.  Both MLM and Traditional Retail / Direct-to-Consumer (B2B) clients enjoy Wasatch’s unprecedented formulating and high-tech manufacturing expertise.

~ Wasatch Core Competencies:               

  • Cosmeceutical Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care and Dental Care
    ( Anti-Aging / Neuro-Peptides / Custom-Liposomes )

  • Stem-Cell Technology (Plant-based) …
    ( Along with Custom Skin Treatments: Intimacy, Sanitation, “Plumping” Products)

  • OTC Products …
    ( Sanitizers, Sun Screens, Wound Healing, etc. )

  • Liquid-Nutritionals and Juices …
    ( http://WasatchContractManufacturing.com )

ADVANTAGE #1 – UNIQUENESS:  Every project that Wasatch formulates and/or manufactures is a 100% completely-unique.  Additionally, we do not have a product-line of our own nor do we do not sell any product.  Wasatch only manufactures for our valued clients.  Thus, every Wasatch project is 100% unique-and-different from every other project.  Furthermore, Wasatch does not have ‘stock formulas’ that we market-and-sell to multiple customers.  Our distinct competitive advantage over all the other ‘common manufactures’ is our ability to provide high-quality, complete product uniqueness for our clientele.