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Peter Langelaar Get’s Caught In the Act of Stealing Web Content | Choconature Distributor Thievery | Langelaar Fraud | Langelaar Scam | Xocai Preferred Over Choconat by 90% in Blind Taste Test

Peter Langelaar Get’s Caught In the Act of Stealing Web Content |
Choconature Distributor Thievery | Langelaar Fraud | Langelaar Scam
Xocai Preferred Over Choconat by 90% in Blind Taste Test.

So, after asking Peter Langelaar repeatedly to stop stealing my blog content and him refusing to remove it, I decided to send Peter Langelaar a clearer, more visible message:
Stealing isn’t OK, Peter — Even Choconature (ChocoNat) likes our Xocai Product better!
(see images below)

I own the content shown in the screen shots below… before and after pictures:

The images below show the content Peter Langelaar stole from me, and because I own that content, I can change the images and links to those images anytime (like I did).  Now, ole Peter Langelaar is pretty predictable, so I’m looking forward to his explanation on how I stole my own content from him.  Cant wait to hear his explanation and complaints that I somehow hacked into his blog and messed with his content (which he stole from me) = same old lies Peter Langelaar.  Don’t steal from me = and you won’t get caught stealing.


Example #1:

Hey guys, this Peter Langelaar guy has a real burr in his saddle for me.
Funny how life is sometimes — he really, really must like me, I guess…

Example #2:
Example #3:
+Anyway, I’ll take the “high-road” here and give you just the facts.
I ‘ve discovered a couple of interesting thing this week…

(1) Pete was stealing MY blog content (that I paid for) and giving it to a competitor of mine. Reason? He was using the blog content for his own profit and unauthorized use — so naturally, I cut him off. AND, he continues to find ways to steal and copy my Copyright blog content. So, I’ll continue to shut him down. ~Koo-koo.

(2) Pete claims I stole his blog (“hacked it”) & then shut it down — but the funny thing is that I own the URL that he’s complaining about — and have since 2009 (GoodChocolateBlog.com) — so how can I “hack myself” and “steal” from myself? ~Nuts.

(3) Pete wants to blame me for getting his Xocai Netherlands YouTube channel terminated — however, he was using Sound Concepts video content illegally (without their permission) and unlawfully manipulating that content for his benefit. THEY shut down his YT Channel, not me. Yes, Pete, I have a sense of humor.
~”Hasta la Vista, Peeter” (said like Arnold).

(4) Consider Pete’s motivations — he was kicked out of our company for breaking the law/rules, and then angrily joined a competitor. He’s still obsessed with our business partners (because he messed up & feels he’s better than them). He wants to damage our company, Xocai lovers & their reputations … ON PURPOSE.
Duh, of course I’m going to push back on a bully like you.

(5) The last time I checked, I found life to be competitive. If you can’t compete, or you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, either call a truce or just bow out.
~”Life’s like a box of chocolates;” sometimes you have to spit out the bad ones.

(6) The one thing I agree with Pete on, what goes around — does come around.
~Good karma to you!

(7) For future reference, yes, I personally am to blame for the bad weather, the poor economy, the Detroit Lions season, all political strife, cavities, the devaluation of the Euro, The BCS System, excessive traffic jams, diarrhea, cramps and the high price of gas —
along with ALL of Peter Langelaars other problems. My sincere apologies.

Xocai Healthy Chocolate Symposium | January 2012 | XocoHealth | Choco NL | “Organic Healthy Dark Chocolate” | Choco EU

Xocai and Jeanette Brooks are coming to see you!
Gordon Pedersen, phd, is also on the chocolate road!


Xocai Chocolate Symposium

Xocai Healthy Chocolate Symposium | January 2012 | XocoHealth | Choco NL | “Organic Healthy Dark Chocolate” | Choco EU

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Healthy Chocolate in the News

Is Healthy Chocolate in the news?
Just look what has popped up in the last 2 weeks on Google…


Dark chocolate can replace sun creams

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Coffee and Chocolate to Prevent Sunburn

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Surprising New Research On Chocolate, Coffee, Vitamin D And Skin Cancer

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Dark Chocolate May Improve Your Eyesight

“According to a recent study published in the June issue of Physiology and Behavior, eating dark chocolate may better your eyesight…” Click Here to Keep Reading

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Chocolate wards off hunger, and maybe sunburn too

“Scientists in Canada said Monday that they plan to study whether eating dark chocolate not only satisfies sweet tooth cravings, but protects against sunburn as well…” Click Here to Keep Reading

Source – http://www.google.com/hostednews


Chocolate boosts brain, visual powers

“…administered white and dark chocolate to study participants and found that the dark chocolate improved some aspects of visual function and cognitive performance.” Click Here to Keep Reading

Source – http://earthsky.org


How spicy food can benefit metabolism

“…They added that the antioxidant levels in the spices were equivalent to those in 5oz of red wine or 1.4oz dark chocolate…” Click Here to Keep Reading

Source – http://www.dailymail.co.uk


Eating chocolate is good for your health

“…a study came out saying that a few squares of chocolate may be good for the heart due to a biochemical substance that prevents blood clotting.”  Click Here to Keep Reading

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25 Amazing secrets to turn back time

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Dark Chocolate Has Healthful Benefits

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Eating Dark Chocolate Could Improve Physical Endurance

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New study: Dark chocolate to prevent brain damage from stroke

“A new study has shown that anti oxidant are rich in dark chocolates that guard against the injuries caused to the brain as a result of the stroke…” Click Here to Keep Reading

Source – http://www.nywellnessguide.com


How Chocolate Can Enhance Your Exercise Routine

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Chocolate Can Boost Exercise Endurance, Studies Say

“…the intake of cocoa component flavanol epicatechin, resulted in a greater endurance capacity…” Click Here to Keep Reading

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“Recent studies have shown that people who regularly eat moderate amounts of dark chocolate are less likely to develop high blood pressure…” Here to Keep Reading

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Now, gym with chocolate

“…a new study suggests that chocolate may also boost your workouts…” Click Here to Keep Reading

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