Weight loss would be a lot easier if it weren’t for that darn appetite. It just won’t shut up. It pushes us out of bed in the morning. It interrupts our concentration. It shouts incessantly if we get caught in traffic and get home at seven.

An Appetite Isn’t Necessarily Bad…

Don’t be too critical of your appetite, though. A healthy appetite is a sign that you are burning energy (think calories!).

Our goal isn’t to suppress our appetite completely—we just want to control it. An overactive appetite and overeating go hand in chubby hand.
Why Doesn’t This Entire Sleeve of Ritz Crackers Fill the Void?

The problem is that we associate food with so many activities. At a movie, we crave popcorn even if we just ate a full meal. We consume endless snacks on road trips and then stop to “get something to eat.” At 2:00 in the afternoon, we wander down to the snack machine just because we need a change of scenery. When food is connected to rituals rather than actual hunger, it’s even harder to lose weight.

Food Doesn’t Satisfy Anything But Hunger (Really.)

A critical component of successful weight maintenance is becoming more body-aware. This means tuning into how you really feel. The objective is to discern between actual hunger and other needs. And then only eat sensible portions of healthy foods. You want to distinguish hunger from thirst, fatigue, boredom, stress, loneliness, and restlessness. Learning to respond appropriately (without using food) to these different feelings helps you address other problems in addition to excess weight..

PhysIQ Curb: Stop The Crave Before You Cave

Whew! That was a long introduction. Let’s highlight the product that addresses these issues. We are talking about PhysIQ Curb. PhysIQ Curb is your weapon for appetite control. It is designed to suppress appetite PLUS give you the energy to move past the cravings without caving.

It’s made with Garcinia Camboglia, a Southeast Asian appetite suppressant and satiety promoter. It is formulated to suppress appetite for hours. We made it taste as good as your favorite sweet treat, so it will start satisfying you the moment it hits your tongue. No Mid-afternoon Slump

It gets better. PhysIQ Curb promotes long-term energy—unlike the quick rushes produced by simple carbohydrates. And, like the other LifeVantage biohackers, it is designed to relieve oxidative stress. (Did you think I could get through an article without mentioning the physical process that speeds aging?)

PhysIQ Curb comes in convenient single-use packets. You can add it to your PhysIQ Protein shake or the beverage of your choice. (No judgment here if that beverage is an extra-large milkshake.)

Purchase Curb individually or as part of the complete PhysIQ fitness and weight loss system. Order PhysIQ Curb now to curb cravings tomorrow!

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