Let’s talk about oxidative stress since we are experiencing it all the time.

Oxidative stress is what happens when your body produces too many free radicals. These are uncharged molecules that have an unpaired valence electron. Your body can’t neutralize them with its natural antioxidants. Bottom line? Oxidative stress accelerates aging. “Oxidative stress” is actually another term for aging. You don’t have to throw up your hands and give in to aging. LifeVantage has figured out how to fight it.

LifeVantage introduced Protandim in 2005. The company was small at the time, but they knew they had invented an anti-aging supplement like no other. As it turns out, they were absolutely right. Protandim has won millions of users who are dedicated to a long and healthy life. Its biochemical results have been validated in over 20 peer-reviewed studies.


Protandim was the genesis of an exciting new science called Nutrigenomics. LifeVantage has advanced Nutrigenomics during the years since its creation. They have created a distinctive suite of wellness products that address the problems we all experience as we age.

Protandim Dual Synergizer

What is it? Protandim is a patented plant-based formula invented and produced by LifeVantage. It comes in a tablet form. When you purchase the Dual Synergizer, you get both the Nrf1 and Nrf2 Synergizers. These are the only supplements that have been proven to reverse aging.

Validated Results

Studies show that Protandim reduces oxidative stress. A lot. In fact, it can reduce oxidative stress by 40% in just 30 days. (Over 20 peer-reviewed studies have validated the products.)

So, how do you feel after it goes to work? Our customers say they feel younger and healthier! To order the most important anti-aging product of our time, visit Protandim Dual Synergizer.

What is LifeVantage All About?

LifeVantage has developed products to extend life and improve the quality of life. But one’s quality of life doesn’t just depend on physical health. Financial freedom is the ultimate complement to vibrant physical health. That’s the complete package: physical and financial health.

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