Bacteria really get a bad rap. Have you noticed how many anti-bacterial products have popped up in the past few years? Manufacturers are simply satisfying the public demand. We used anti-bacterial everything in the quest to protect ourselves. Antibacterial mouthwash, antibacterial dishwashing soap, and even antibacterial cosmetics. These products fight so-called “bad” bacteria. This is the type that causes infections in our body or contaminates personal care products.

Let’s Get Judgy

If there are “bad” bacteria there must be “good” bacteria. Right? Good bacteria (sometimes called flora or microbiota) also live in our digestive tract. “Some” is an understatement. Scientists estimate that more than 500 different species live in our bowel. It’s not pleasant to think about it, but they play an important role.

When the flora in our gut becomes unbalanced, we can develop a host of serious conditions. Diarrhea, colitis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) urinary tract infections (UTIs), eczema in children and vaginal infections are some of them.

It’s Not Just Our Gut We’re Talking About

Obviously, balanced gut flora is not only key for digestive health, but also vaginal health, urinary tract health, and even skin health in children. Any chronic condition can (and usually does) harm our emotional and psychological health. Having persistent diarrhea or constipation can seriously disrupt your life. Some people with digestive problems never want to have a meal away from home. They can’t predict how their body will react, so they stick close to their bathroom.

How Could a Balanced GI Tract Help You?

Because gut health is so important, the LifeVantage scientists formulated a probiotic that that equals the quality of the complete LifeVantage array of products In addition to 6 Billion CFUs of healthy bacteria, PhysIQ ProBio has two key additions: Wellmune and BIO-Tract.

Only LifeVantage Has Wellmune and BIO-Tract

During the past century, the medical community has learned a lot about how immunity is linked to the balance of digestive microbiota. Recognizing this connection, LifeVantage developed Wellmune, a patented immune support agent. In this era of dangerous antibiotic resistant bugs, a strong immune system is even more important than ever. BIO-Tract is a controlled-release agent that transports the good flora to your GI tract gradually throughout the day. This way, you get the most benefit from them. BIO-Tract also helps move the healthy flora to all parts of your GI tract.

PhysIQ ProBio

  • 6 Billion CFUs of healthy bacteria to support your digestive system
  • Helps restore gut flora with healthy bacteria
  • Supports gut integrity
  • Wellmune is clinically proven to safely support your immune system
  • Features BIO-Tract, a unique controlled release technology, delivering probiotics throughout the day and deep into your digestive system—where they are needed most
  • Helps improve the satiety (fullness) signals from your brain to your stomach

PhysIQ ProBio is part of the comprehensive PhysIQ weight loss system. But you don’t need to use the entire PhysIQ system to help restore your gut flora. PhysIQ ProBio can be used as a stand-alone digestive support.

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