If you’ve visited my site before, you have probably noticed that LifeVantage offers many different money-saving product bundles. Today’s post highlights one of the PhysIQ bundles: PhysIQ Essentials.

The PhysIQ Essentials bundle contains all the products in the complete PhysIQ System except the Cleanse.

  • PhysIQ ProBio: Improves gut integrity
  • PhysIQ Fat Burn: Designed to jumpstart fat-burning
  • PhysIQ Protein Shake: To help curb your appetite and build lean muscle

Are you looking for a permanent weight management solution? Thousands of dedicated users affirm that PhysIQ from LifeVantage will be the last weight loss system you will need. Order PhysIQ Essentials now!

It can be tempting to join the newest gym in Sandy when you decide to drop the pounds. But chances are that you know the basics of weight loss. In addition to exercise, you’ve got to change your eating habits. When you add the dynamic LifeVantage PhysIQ products to your exercise routine, you’ll be able to reach your weight goals.

One PhysIQ user said: “Now, thanks to LifeVantage, I can look myself in the mirror and be proud of my accomplishments.”

If you have been eating a typical Western diet most of your life, you’re not alone. Men and women in developed countries suffer many chronic conditions linked to an overconsumption of animal products. Many of us grew up eating “meat and potatoes” (emphasis on the meat) almost every night of the week. We didn’t know any better when we were kids.

We can’t plead ignorance any longer. We know we need to limit our intake of saturated fat and excess calories or risk a host of chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. If you are trying to overhaul your diet, PhysIQ Essentials can help you feel good while you make the transition. The protein shake will help you feel satisfied even if you’ve reduced the red meat or carbs in your diet. I love the LifeVantage PhysIQ weight loss products. They are just as effective as the other scientifically-proven products in their health and wellness product line.

LifeVantage has developed products to extend life and improve the quality of life. But one’s quality of life doesn’t just depend on physical health. Financial freedom is the ultimate complement to vibrant physical health. That’s the complete package: physical and financial health.

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