MXI Corp Top Networker and Ambassador Adam Green of Draper Utah

MXI Corp Top Networker and Ambassador Adam Green (Draper Utah) Pronounces Complete Forgiveness to ViSalus Beginners Jared Davis Overton (Provo, Utah) and Wade Erickson (Orem, Utah) for Misunderstandings Created While Connected to Xocai’s Team Healthy Chocolate

As Xocai up-and-coming distributors “Wade Erickson” (Orem, Utah) and “Jared Davis Overton” (Provo, Utah) parlay their valuable Xocai experiences to yet another Network Marketing company (i.e. jumping teams from Xocai Healthy Chocolate to ViSalus), we want to wish him well and celebrate the time we had together as business colleagues in “Winners Circle International.”  Network Marketing in Draper Utah is a business of duplication; duplication from the top leadership through the entirety of an organization of thousands of individuals.

Jared Davis Overton and Wade Erickson became a real Xocai success story in Network Marketing only thanks to the tireless efforts of their incredible “Dream Force” teammates both domestically (Paul Engemann, Glen Overton, Martin Brooks and Jeremy Reynolds) and internationally (Jeanette Brooks, Andrew Brooks, Derrick Winkel and Adam Paul Green).  Special thanks also to “Natalie Erickson” and “Kristin Overton” for all your team building efforts in Marketing Xocai Chocolate Internationally; we appreciated your hard work, professionalism and dedication to the team while focused on MXI Corp’s vision to change the world through Healthy Chocolate products.

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I recently found this brilliant article and thought I’d share it with you all.  What I like best about this article from Diane is that she has experience and documented the obvious steps to defection. 

“Hi, Jeff and Diane Dingman here. We are currently self-employed in the construction business and are part-time marketers. We have been in the network marketing field for over 20 years and have been searching to find the perfect niche for ourselves. With 100% Commissions we know that we have found the vehicle to fulfill our retirement dreams. Come join us on the trip of a lifetime and fulfill your dreams along the way.”

3 types of leaders jump ship almost every time – You don’t want to follow these people:

#1 – Captain Poindexter Mc-I-Am-So-Smart:  Captain Poindexter wants to be the master of his own ship… so in his mind, he’s a captain. He gets bored quickly and doesn’t like people “showing” him how to do things. Poindexter IS the captain of his own ship, but he’s on it alone! Why? No one trusts him… Every time he gets something solid moving forward, he bails because the comp plan is wrong, his up-line sucks, the product is bad… these are all excuses for his lack of success, so instead of blaming himself, he blames the company despite the fact there are people making a TON of money, just not him. Captain Mc-I-Am-So-Smart will never find true success in MLM as long as he keeps up this practice. Don’t be this guy, and don’t follow him, he has some SERIOUS work to do!

#2 Fanny Mc-Friendly-Bumpkin: Fanny thinks she is on a SOLID team, and she is going Bigger and Better places with HER Leader! She will follow her Captain wherever he goes. You see, she doesn’t realize that her captain doesn’t really care about her, or her success. He decided he’s going to jump ship (even though everything is going AMAZINGLY at his current company), and he’s swindled little old Fanny Mc-Friendly-Bumpkin into going along for the ride. What Fanny doesn’t realize, is that she will never be successful, chasing around a millionaire who’s already made his money. She doesn’t realize that her millionaire JO captain was most likely PAID to be as leaders Jump Ship!! She’ll never see a dime of that money, and she just forked up $500 – $1000 to join him again! Fanny is most recognizable by the person on Skype and Facebook, loving her leader endlessly, but not REALLY getting anything done. She posts positive energy comments about success or whatever on FB, DAILY, but isn’t really building a team. DEFINITELY don’t be Fanny!

#3 Slickster Mc-Sizzle-Pants: Slickster Mc-Sizzle-Pants  He’s a leader. He’s been very successful in the past, BEFORE he became a jumper. Now, it’s all about the money, and he has completely forgotten about the welfare of his down-line. All he cares about, is making his money with this new company, and RUINING the credibility and work of his down-line by trying to get his leaders jump as well. Mc-Sizzle-Pants has a lot of energy, and will promise the WORLD to Fanny Mc-Friendly-Bumpkin. She will be VERY gung ho about this new venture, even though she hasn’t done anything with the last company she was in…she’s going to “rock out” this one! You see, she was impressed by the fact that Slickster called her personally to join their new business… Slickster knows his cool ways, smooth tone, and closing ability will ultimately make Fanny swoon to the point at which she will drop another $500 just to be in his energy. She is addicted! Slickster knows the game, and he can’t wait to get back in and do it again. The reason Slick is so dangerous, is because he has already deluded himself into believing that what is best for his team, is to jump ship! Forgetting (momentarily) that he was paid a hefty sum to switch teams.

Many people the Draper Utah 84020 area do not understand why top business leaders vacate a company just when things seem to be going the best they have ever gone. After more than a decade in the Home Based Business industry the Draper Utah 84020 area, it seems pretty clear to me that you really have 3 courses of action to take when the ‘going gets tough’ in your Home Based Business.

  1. Stay with your company and change something about yourself so that you can succeed.
  2. Go to another company.
  3. Quit the industry and give up on your dreams. 

Now, I do believe that the 2nd and third choice are far more common than the first. Its highly unfortunate, but Network Marketers have a schizoid rap – they often change their minds and make decisions based on emotion rather than any rational decision making process.  SOURCE

The bottom line: In the MLM industry, as leaders jump around from company to company … it is bad for business. Some guys, the top 1% or fewer, can afford to do it, but not for long. Promoters like Fanny Mc-Friendly-Bumpkin are doomed by being a follower, and The Captain will need to make some serious changes in his life before he can succeed. Be your own person the Draper Utah 84020 area, and have a great time doing it. I suggest you go with a leader who is DEDICATED to making a business for himself or herself. If you are looking for the right team, don’t go with jumpers. Go with proven, successful people the Draper Utah 84020 area that can help you, and will help you to succeed.

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