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Martin J. Brooks (or Marty Brooks as the Xocai Chocolate family calls him) is dependable and a dedicated executive.

Xocai is the trade name of the healthy dark chocolate product line of MXI Corporation (Marketing Xocolate International).  The company manufactures and sells a rich, high antioxidant dark Belgian chocolate, categorized in the health and wellness industry as a superfood, yet swooned over by dark chocolate talented connoisseurs.  MXI Corp is set apart from other dark chocolate manufacturers by their patented process and proprietary formula to incorporate unadulterated raw cacao into their exclusive products.  Today there are eight (8) Xocai Products to choose from.  All Xocai healthy dark chocolate products are stamped with the Brunswick Lab Seal and formulated from ingredients rated by the USDA as the top two antioxidants on the world food list.  These ingredients are Raw Cacao Powder and Acai Palm Berries, teaming up to offer you an antioxidant boost outranking hundreds of other foods.

Who do you know that doesn’t like good chocolate?  According to Entrepreneur Magazine the “Hottest” home based MLM business opportunity for 2007 is MXI Xocai Dark Chocolate.  MXI Xocai Chocolate is at the “cutting edge” of the “healthy chocolate” revolution.  Xocai Chocolate provides a good compensation plan.  Dark chocolate such as Xocai products also received positive reviews from the likes of Newsweek, Time, US News, New York Times, BBC News, Psychology Today, CNN, and USA Today.  The science behind the health benefits of dark chocolate is being published across the globe on a daily basis.  The August 2008 Success from Home Magazine, featured MXI and Healthy Chocolate.  The Utah Medical University performed double blind studies on the health benefits of Xocai Healthy Chocolate and the concluding results in June 2008 were outstanding.  So outstanding in fact, there are other medical universities and more double blind studies in the works through 2010.  If you are considering starting a personal franchise and your passion is chocolate or the health and wellness industry, make sure you put this chocolate business on your list.

Xocai has just over two hundred thousand distributors (200,000) in 25 countries.  MXI has grown at a steady pace since opening its doors in 2005.  Sales have increased 600% between 2005 and the end of 2008. The company is a family owned corporation.  The founder, Jeanette Brooks was the creator of Pure De-lite chocolate of the Atkins Diet era and grew that business out of her kitchen into a 300 million dollar business.  Her husband, Martin Brooks (Marty J. Brooks) is the CEO of MXI, her son Andrew Brooks, is COO (Chief Operating Officer).  Distributor retention is approximately 53%.  The company pays 50 cents of each dollar out to the distributor force in commissions and incentives.  The company had sales of $54,920,246 in 2008 and the company paid $27,460,000 to the distributors.

Disadvantages: No Company is perfect and occasionally someone may report they are dissatisfied with the product, company policies, customer service or with some representative from that Company.  The founders of the company (Jeanette Brooks)(Martin J. Brooks)(Andrew Brooks) have a mixed past but appear to be using their history as a learning experience and growing their new company into an learning experience for themselves and others.  MXI Corporation is a debt free company.  Although, Martin J. Brooks and Jeanette Brooks filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with the Nevada District court in 2002, this was prior to the creation of MXIMXI is an outstanding performer as a company.  Sales were $10,009,198 the first year in 2005 and $54, 920, 246 by the end of 2008, with sales projected at over a $100 million for 2011.

Management: Jeanette Brooks, Founder, was a million dollar earner in a network marketing organization in the early 80’s.  She then founded Pure De-lite, a low carb diet chocolate, establishing a retail sales empire with Wal-Mart and Walgreen through 2003.  In February 1994, Jeanette Brooks and her husband Martin J. Brooks, like every successful business owner, has had several legal and financial difficulties.  By 1999, The Brooks family had definitely risen from the bankruptcy and was in full swing with Pure-Delite.  After Dr. Atkins’ death (the major proponent of low carb dieting) and the close of Pure De-Lite in 2003, the Brooks family rose again from the ashes, with the birth of MXI in 2005.  MXI started out as a debt free corporation. Historic financial difficulty is not always a complete negative and can obviously be used as a tremendous learning experience.

Jeanette Brooks is Founding President, Martin Brooks is the CEO, their son Andrew Brooks, COO (Chief Operating Officer), round out the management team for this family owned corporation.  The Field Advisory Board (FAB) consists of select top MXI Corp Associates with the purpose of creating synergy between the Company and Associates in the field and to discuss any challenges and successes in the MXI Corp Network.  Online “Training and Support” is rated as excellent support.

Marty Brooks and Jeanette Brooks have made business mistakes — they also have made it right (financially) for everyone involved. Marty Brooks and Jeanette Brooks have learned from their mistakes and made adjustments in their lives to always do the right thing for their distributors.