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My name is Steven Warren; I’m a Medical Doctor. I’m Board Certified in Family Medicine as well as in Hospice and Palliative Medicine. My job as Medical Director for the last 27 years has been making sure people (like you) do not enter my “Rest Homes.”  I have been able to accomplish this through nutritional counseling and assisting people in making better lifestyle choices. Not only do I practice medicine every day, but I’m also a Clinical Research Physician for critical Government Agencies in addition to International Pharmaceutical Companies. I’ve earned the distinction of being a “Fellow” with the American Professional Wound Care Association (APWCA) where I personally research and put in practice real-life woundcare solutions. I’m also the Founder of the FFR (Foundation for Flavonoid Research).


What do all those titles and responsibilities mean to you?  Simply that I’m committed to helping you improve your quality of life through breakthrough technology, natural science, healthy ingredients, balanced nutrition and focused exercise.


The FDA and FTC would like me to clarify that the dark chocolate product line, which I discovered to have the most potent health benefits, (i.e. Xocai [Sha-Sigh]) is categorized as a natural product and literally classified as a “Food” by FDA standards.  It should also be noted that Xocai is neither a “Dietary Supplement” nor a “Drug.” Be assured that I am committed and invested with this company commercially, emotionally, financially and professionally due to the quality of their finished products.  Remember to always consult with your physician prior to adding Xocai Healthy Chocolate to your regular diet.  There are certain “healthy side-effects” associated with Xocai Chocolate that certainly will change your life for the better.


I may look familiar to you because Ive been featured on your local news as well as in the national spotlight for my research findings surrounding the disputed amazing health benefits associated with one unique, raw, unprocessed cacao. Many of you may also have visited my website ( or perhaps you saw me on YouTube.


My goal is to help you make a discovery.

My focus is your better health.


Steven E. Warren, MD, DPA