Select Page a Cleverly Hidden, Legitimate Consumer Convenience Provided by Jared Davis Overton (Provo, Utah)

Local Utah Native Jared Davis Overton may have just created one of the most brilliant and clever concepts of this day and age- PigeonShip – person to person courier service. Watch the concept revealed live on KSL’s Studio 5 here :

Grant and Amanda with the KSL Morning Show seem to rave as well about this unique courier delivery concept:
PigeonShip is the ability to instantly connect people needing a courier service with a driver (Pigeon) already headed in that very same direction. Don’t let the word courier confuse you to think this is anything like UPS, USPS, DHL, or FedEx. PigeonShip requires no parcels, packaging, measuring, weighing, or standing in line; all the things we dislike when it comes to delivering or sending an item. This clever commercial seems to get the point across:
If it fits on a car, it ships!

The concept is very simple; you buy something off classifieds and don’t want to drive to pick it up. Simply PigeonShip your item or parcel by jumping on Within 60 seconds your item or parcel notification will be broadcast out to all available couriers (Pigeons) headed in the same direction.

It’s not uncommon to get your item or parcel delivered same-day or next-day, and even Sunday.

Is there anything like this? No, not really. There exist some services attempting to capture the same concept with neighbor to neighbor courier services, but none with the technology and simplicity of PigeonShip. Just look how simple the phone app works:
Who are Pigeons?

People just like you. Most are commuters looking to make extra income. Many are stay at home moms and dads making extra income after dropping the kids off at school.

Pigeons love the courier delivery service PigeonShip because it puts unexpected income in their pockets on a daily basis. Furthermore, it pays for trips and vacations since many Pigeons will deliver items and parcels along their trip route.

Who are Senders?

Senders are anyone needing something picked up, needing something delivered, or anyone who has forgotten something and doesn’t have the time to pick it up. Senders are everyone!

Everyone should have this App downloaded on his or her phone. In the near future you’ll need this courier and delivery service PigeonShip, and having the free app makes it that much easier.

PigeonShip was found by Jared Overton in 2011. It has been under beta testing for quite some time and is now ready for the general public.

Here are a few things you can’t really send and delivery using the typical services of today:

Things you can’t (or shouldn’t) send in the mail:
· Food and perishables
o Grandma’s cookies
o Care packages to college students?
o Birthday treats to child at school
· Awkward shaped items:
o Golf clubs
o Love sacks
o Plants
o Skis/snowboard
o Musical instruments
· Things that are greater than 70 lbs.
· Maximum size is length + distance around the largest point = 130 inches

FedEx won’t ship:
· Money
· Collectible coins
· Postage stamps
· Live animals
· Or dead animals
· Used tires
· Perishable food
· Articles of extraordinary value (items valued in excess of $50/pound/package)
· Artwork
· Antiques
· Collector’s items (cards, memorabilia, etc.)
· Jewelry
· Precious metals