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Today’s article is for individuals who are ready for a new life path. Perhaps you recently retired, are not content with your current career, or want a part time home business to stretch your income.

Hi, I’m Adam, Green, an independent Rain consultant in Draper, Utah. I want to invite you to learn about the Rain opportunity. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or experienced salesperson. I took a leap of faith and decided to partner with Rain International in 2005.

Why do some Utah health supplement direct sales businesses make it and others launch and crash? I believe the product is paramount. I don’t think a company can win long-term with so-so products.

Rain International invented the category of seed based nutrition. Not only did they re-discover the unequaled potency of seeds, but they created a processing system that retains all the nutrients.

Soul contains the concentrated nutrition of Black Cumin Seed, Black Raspberry Seed, and Chardonnay Grape Seed. These seeds have been tested thoroughly for their health benefits and some have been found to be so helpful that their compounds are used as natural medicines in Europe.

When taken on a regular basis, Soul provides an extensive array of health benefits ranging from improved energy to overall wellness.

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Advances energy
  • Sustains joint and bone health
  • Boosts exercise recovery
  • Supports muscle health
  • Enhances mental clarity
  • Promotes cardiovascular function
  • It’s not hard to see why Rain is experiencing considerable success. Their products are based on solid science and their customers feel the benefits every single day. Give me a call at 801.809.7766 if you would like to learn more.

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    I’m Adam Green, and I am creating a new team of serious leaders at Rain International, one of the fastest growing direct marketing companies in the world. We sell industry-leading seed-based nutrition products for an active lifestyle in Draper, Sandy, South Jordan, and Alpine. I am seeking experienced network marketing leaders in the Salt Lake City area.

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    Rain International Seed Based Nutrition Opportunity

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    Join my Fast Growing Team at Rain International, where we are focused on revolutionary seed-based nutrition products for a sustainable, healthy, active lifestyle.

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    Ask Me About Joining Rain International

    About Rain International
    Rain is the world leader in seed-based nutrition, a revolutionary new active lifestyle supplement that delivers unprecedented nutrition in concentrated amounts from seeds.

    Seed nutrition is not only one of the most sustainable sources of food energy on the planet, it also supports a uniquely active lifestyle for athletes, active adults, and people constantly on the go. Click the phone icon below to call me right now…

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