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QUESTION: What Does The Term “Should” As Used In Section 5.5 – Reporting Policy Violations Mean Exactly?

ANSWER: As used in Section 5.5, the term “should” connotes “ought” or “have a duty to.” As a practical matter, it is impossible for the company to know everything that is happening everywhere in the USA or in whatever market we are working in. So, we depend heavily upon reports received by Distributors.

They tell us about situations that, left unattended, could cause harm or bring risk to everyone in that market or, perhaps, everyone in the entire company. As a practical matter, to impose an absolute requirement that they must report such matters, would be difficult if not impossible to enforce. 

However, as a protection to their own businesses, or to assist in maintaining an equal and level playing field to all LifeVantage Independent Distributors, they “ought” to or “have a duty to” report such incidences; for the protection and betterment of all! So, if you are aware of an activity or situation that should be reported, simply submit the information to the LifeVantage Compliance Department at

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