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Xocai – the nasty tale of a Norwegian chocolate mafia | unfiltered

~Does Xocai Have ANY Science Behind It’s “Health Claims?
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, I’d say so!

1.  University of Utah Clinical Study (Dr. Eliot Brinton, MD) — Heart Health and LDL/HDL
2.  Dr. Mike Kennedy, MD — Dr. Steve Warren, MD — Clinical Study (Weight Loss)
3.  Dr. Gordon Pederson, Phd. — Lifestyle Study

~Clinical Study:     Atherosclerosis Risk
Dr. Eliot Brinton, MD (Chair, Cardiovascular Genetics, University of Utah) — April 2008
“Effects of Xoçai Antioxidant Supplements on Atherosclerosis Risk Factors”

Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Hyperglycemia, HDL/LDL

Audio Testimonial from Dr. Brinton:


  1. Increased vascular reactivity
  2. Improved arterial compliance
  3. Increased HDL-C levels,
  4. Decreased oxidation of LDL, and
  5. Reduced insulin resistance


~Clinical Study:     Weight Loss
Dr. Mike Kennedy, MD — Dr. Steve Warren, MD — June 2010




12 Week Study = 50 Participants
Total Pounds Lost = 1,569.9
Average Weight Loss 32.7 lbs!
Press Release


~Clinical Study:     Lifestyle Revolution
Dr. Gordon Pedersen — May 2012


Audio Interviews:




Trademark?  Yup!

Press Release:


~Any Science Behind Xocai?

How Much Real Data?

Company Commitment?

Xocai Executives Faltering?

Is Xocai Truly Exclusive and Proprietary?


~20+ Videos from Dr Gordon Pedersen — Click Other videos on the RIGHT,AAAAmZfSyVE~,8NQkEr3UtOF8OsodHONI-1il1ne4GIkX&bclid=1617967797001&bctid=1603344166001

How to Find Xocai Healthy Chocolate?


~Medical Website:
~Dr. Gordon Pederson (BIO):


~Show Me the Research!!!

Cardio Vascular Health…

Cell Protection and Cancer…


Brain Health…

Weight Control…

Skin Health…


Oral Health…
Dr. Steven J Smith… Dentist



Diabetes Miracle:

Depression Ease:

Heart Health Boost:

Joint Arthritis Relief:

Respiratory Ease:

Effective Weight Loss:

Immune Strength:


~Xocai Cacao in the News…


~Questions and Answers…


~History of Kakao…


~Buy the Proof?


Here is the truth about Xocai and Norway…



5 Solid + Variety Pack
(Nugget, Omega, Power Square, Xobiotic PB Cup)
3 Beverages
(Activ, Sipping Cocoa, Xe)
2 Weight Loss
(Cookies, Shake)
Anti-Aging Supplements