Why Vitality Stack from LifeVantage and Ry Fry Group?

What is so vital about the LifeVantage Vitality Stack? This video explains a lot: Everything You Need to Know About the Vitality Stack. I am going to break down the main points for you, but I encourage you to watch the whole thing. I can’t begin to include all the important nuggets of information in one blog post.


CEO Darren Jensen introduces two important megatrends. Here they are in a nutshell:

The Health Activated Individual

Never before have there been so many individuals who are as proactive about their health. These are highly-educated people who research the latest in science, health, nutrition, and fitness. They make deliberate choices based on genomic results. They have a goal for their health and they are strategic about achieving it.


Individualization is related to biohacking. Biohacking is taking control of a complex system (your body in this case) to meet your unique needs.

These megatrends have important implications for the success of a LifeVantage business. Wellness businesses already benefit from a booming market. But there seems to be a gazillion of them. LifeVantage stands out with singular products that appeal to these two key trends.

What are “Stacks?”

LifeVantage has a couple different product “bundles.” You may think they are packaged this way so you can save money if you buy the combination. Though it is more cost-effective, this isn’t the primary reason. The product groupings (stacks) are combined because they provide a greater benefit when taken together.

The video also explains why it’s vital to take both NRF Synergizers.

Why NRF1 and NRF2?

When NRF1 stimulates the production of mitochondria, one byproduct is an increase in free radicals. By taking NRF2, you suppress the free radical production so you can get more benefit from the mitochondrial effects of NRF1.

Repair, Performance, and Prevention

Bottom line? The Vitality Stack provides comprehensive benefits. It is designed to repair cells, boost performance, and prevent future problems. Order the LifeVantage Vitality Stack now!

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