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QUESTION: What Is The Policy On Selling Our Products On Amazon And Ebay And What Does The Company Do To Enforce Such Policies?

ANSWER: LifeVantage prohibits the selling of Protandim and our other products on auction sites such as eBay (See Section 8.5.12 – Online Auction Websites), and on other retail websites such as Amazon (See Section 8.5.13 – Online Retailing, for Amazon) and takes such violations very seriously. We do the following to enforce compliance:

  1. Compliance has one person dedicated, full time, to finding and removing sellers on Amazon, EBay and other violating online sites;
  2. Compliance or Legal contact Amazon/eBay on a regular, even daily basis when necessary, asking them to remove sellers that are infringing on our copyrights and trademarks;
  3. When Amazon refuses to give out the identity of a seller or remove them from the site, we do our own investigation and take strong action, including suspension and termination, of their accounts;
  4. We talk to industry experts, including legal and compliance departments from other direct selling companies, for best practices and strategies that have proven successful; and,
  5. We educate Independent Distributors at events and through this “Compliance Corner” about the seriousness of selling on Amazon and the consequences when they are caught. We also try to inform potential buyers of the risk that they are taking when they purchase products online that are “not authorized.” Such products could be contaminated or counterfeit and what appears to be a great buy can be a hoax!

Last, it is important to recognize that enforcement on such sales can be a moving target and, although we are have zero tolerance for such selling and are consistent in our effort, there will be times when there is LifeVantage product being sold – just like the products of our competitors.

When compared to competitors we do a good job. See NuSkin – 225 sellers of AgeLoc alone; USANA – 520 sellers; Jeunesse – 300 sellers, (these Amazon “sellers” were tabulated on Tuesday, March 15, 2016, when there were 14 sellers of Protandim).

Our goal is perfection, we strive to have all such sellers removed! Lastly, like all our enforcement, nothing helps like information from other Distributors. So, if you have information that would help us investigate and identify any violator, please forward such to

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