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SHANGHAI (KFSN) — China’s first chocolate-themed park and a special chocolate exhibition opened on Friday in Shanghai.


Eight pavilions at the Shanghai World Expo were rebuilt for the Chocolate Happy Land, covering over 30,000 square meters. The park has eight themed venues, featuring exhibition, performance, chocolate tasting and interactive activity of DIY.

On entering the Chocolate Happy Land, visitors are met by a strong sweet smell of chocolate. A 400-square-meter castle made of 160-ton chocolate stands in the theme park, where handbags, flower vases and even jewelry of chocolate are exhibited.

According to the organization, pressure tests will be carried out to check the temperature and humidity influences brought on the exhibits. At present, the theme park is in trial operation.

“It’s quite real. I can’t imagine that chocolate can make so many things. It widens my vision,” said a visitor.

“It’s quite fantastic. I never though they are all made of chocolate,” said another visitor.

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Lord being served cocoa

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