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Can’t Find the Alleged Patent for Vasayo CBD, can YOU?

~ Can't Find the Alleged Patent on Vasayo CBD, can YOU?~ Can't get any answers on WHO holds the CBD Patent??~ Cant get any answers on WHAT TYPE of alleged CBD Patent??? There are four (4) different patent types: A utility patent is what most people think of when they...

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Wasatch Labs, Draper Utah 84020

Wasatch Labs, Draper Utah 84020 Wasatch Labs is a premium, Liquid-ONLY Contract Manufacturer (or Co-Packer) that is based in beautiful Draper, Utah.  Established in 1996, Wasatch uniquely caters to a wide variety of customers from brand new start-ups to industry...

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Coaching Tip of the Day For Salt Lake City

Here is another great answer from coach Tyler Daniels and our team of great business coaches in Highland... QUESTION: Can I Pass My LifeVantage Distributorship Along To My Children If Something Were To Happen To Me? ANSWER: Absolutely. Section 4.11 – Succession,...

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Coaching Tip of the Day For Highland

Do you have a question you would like to ask coach Tyler Daniels? Following is a frequently asked question we get all the time in Highland. Let us know if this was helpful. QUESTION: Are The Raw Materials Tested? ANSWER: Yes, the raw materials are tested for:...

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Coach Tyler Daniels Answers Questions For Millcreek

Our coaching question in Salt Lake City today is about LifeVantage business. This will be good info for our Independent Distributors for LifeVantage and anyone in a network marketing business. Our answer today includes insight from coach Blue Elam. QUESTION: In The...

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Need To Know Update For Salt Lake City

Our coaches are busy answering the frequently asked questions we get from our clients in Highland. Coach Tyler Daniels offers great insight in our business tips and weekly question and answer opportunities. Here is another great answer from our team of coaches......

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