Billion Dollar Sales MLM Giants From MonaVie to Xocai, top Mona Vie Leaders (Steven and Porter Hall) are now enjoying a different flavor – the taste of decedent Healthy Chocolate from Xocai. Why would top Network Marketing leadership want a change of pace? Well, momentum. Certain companies are in a decline right now – with sales dropping 100’s of millions of dollars (this year alone) while Xocai sales are ripe for the picking and sales are consistently increasing. Making money in MLM is about being at the right place at the right time. So many people join good company at the wrong time – they then blame themselves for their failure, which, in all honesty, just is not true or fair to themselves.

With an estimated $10.2 billion dollars in sales, this new mlm leadership has arrived on the scene at Xocai. Steven Hall, Porter Hall, Mark Narovlansky (Beverly Hills), Andrea Metcalf (Chicago) and Hubert Humphrey (Atlanta, Georgia) have all recently joined the ranks of MXI Corp chocolatiers! They bring with them a wealth of Network Marketing Industry knowledge along with powerful leadership.

Andrea Metcalf, Chicago:
“Living a healthy lifestyle is all about making small changes that lead to big results.” “Andrea Metcalf has been teaching fitness, training clients and coaching on the subjects of nutrition and health for the past 27+ years. “I believe that staying healthy can make you happier…and I am dedicated to motivating others to achieve their personal best life. Andrea’s ‘inspiring and approachable personality has helped build her reputation as a nationally known fitness expert among the viewers who watch her on the NBC Today Show, readers of the, and weekly NBC and BETTER TV segments, to the members who jam pack her classes, to her clients, readers and fans.

Andrea Metcalf holds a BS in Exercise Science and has grown her career learning each new fitness craze as it came along from aerobic dance to Pilates as well as created many programs of her own including Paws-ilates, Sit-iltes and Live-ilates featured on Oprah’s website. Over the years, Andrea Metcalf has written numerous articles on health and fitness. She is a national fitness presenter, motivational speaker and has a series of fitness DVD’s called PainFree, Pt-2-Go and three new geared towards aging Americans staying active called, Keeping Fit Cardio, Pilates, and Strength. Her book, “Naked Fitness” hits shelves winter of 2010 promising to be a new way to align, walk and eat your way to feel great in your own skin.”

“Also keeping Andrea Metcalf busy are appearances on Shop NBC, speaking engagements in the corporate environment, races, walks and health events to keep people moving. Still most important in her life is her family. With 2 college students and one working through high school, she understands the demands of multi-tasking mamas. She believes that it’s not just about moving physically, but thoughtfully as well…” “Be healthy, be moved.”

Hubert Humphrey:
“Hubert Humphrey aka Steeley Hubert Humphrey, Jr. (born 1942, Macon, Georgia) is the founder of several multi-level marketing financial services corporations in the United States. Mr. Humphrey also markets motivational business material from his online store. Companies that he formed include Global Equity Lending (formerly World Lending Group), Global Realty Marketing (formerly World Realty Group), World Marketing Alliance, and World Leadership Group. World Leadership Group ceased business operations in December 2008 citing current market conditions in the mortgage and real estate industries.

Hubert Humphrey was one of the original members in the A. L. Williams organization, who became well known in later years for their controversial insurance philosophy Buy Term And Invest The Difference and multi-level marketing (MLM) organization structure. Hubert Humphrey, who worked for over 20 years on the railroad, was an Amway (not to be confused with Amtrak) distributor before joining A.L. Williams, began to apply these techniques to his A.L. Williams sales organization …”

“In 1990, A.L. Williams, a private company, was sold to Primerica and was renamed to Primerica Financial Services. After the acquisition, the founder of A.L. Williams, Art Williams was no longer part of the company, Hubert Humphrey … A.L. Williams decided to leave to pursue other interests. Since his sales organization was about 50 percent of the entire Primerica sales force, it was a major blow to the organization when he left. Hubert Humphrey then created Alexander, Inc., which soon thereafter became World Marketing Alliance, Inc.

The industry the new company served was still insurance and investments, however the product was different. Hubert’s new company concentrated on marketing Variable Universal Life (VUL). Hubert Humphrey eventually sold select assets of World Marketing Alliance to Aegon in 2001. The remaining assets of World Marketing Alliance retained by Hubert Humphrey included WMA Mortgage Services, Inc., which became the foundation for World Leadership Group and Global Equity Lending. Global Preferred Holding and World Leadership Group are separate entities.”

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