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Adam Paul Green

Work with a Xocai MLM Multi-Millionaire!

Work one-on-one with one of the MLM Industry’s most successful leaders; it’s time to take your talents to a team that will appreciate and reward you like you deserve.

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Discover Xocai Healthy Chocolate and Healthy Skin.

Xocai is the world leader in healthy chocolate and healthy skin with products derived from the cacao plant, rich in antioxidants and nutrition.

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Been Mentored By a Multi-Millionaire Lately?

Adam Paul Green has created 17 chocolate millionaires.
Are you next?

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Get Juiced! Xocai Super-Fruit Energy Drink!

Do high doses of bio-available Xocai antioxidants affect your health and well-being?


Can a Topical-Endorphin Serum and Anti-Aging Creme Make You Younger?

Xophoria: scientifically formulated age-defiance with the essence of cacao. Neutralize free-radical damage and replenish your skin with essential nutrients.

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Customer Loyalty Perks? Yes! —On Steroids!

The Loyalty Program is designed to reward those Chocoholics who continue to purchase product. Every two consecutive auto-ship orders you purchase will earn you FREE product.

Coded-Bonus? Lucrative Enroller-Bonus? Oh Yeah!

Earn an upfront bonus when you sponsor. Xocai pays the most upfront money of any MLM Company.

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Eh, Mon; Got a Hankering to Be Sunning in the Caribbean?

Come join me aboard a luxurious Caribbean cruise each Winter! What could be better than enjoying all the exotic vistas the Caribbean has to offer?

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How to Xocai

How To Xocai

Learn how to enjoy, join and succeed with Xocai.

Join My Xocai Team

Join My Xocai Team


Chocolate Intrigue White Paper

Chocolate Intrigue

All the things you always wanted to know about chocolate, but didn’t know to ask.

Healthy Chocolate White Paper

Healthy Chocolate

Better understand your health, and how healthy dark chocolate can be a significant source of anti-oxidants and a healthy way to snack without filling your body with sugars and fats.

The ORAC Storm White Paper

The ORAC Storm

The ORAC Storm – How ORAC 5.0 Has Changed Everything by David Bell is a new ebook available exclusively at

The Xocai Prospectus White Paper

The Xocai Prospectus

Because Xocai is relatively young, yet stable, it represents a logical choice for interested parties looking for long- term growth within an established, well structured entity.

“When I first heard about Xocai Healthy Chocolate, I like many people, was very skeptical. Could chocolate really be healthy? I found the right type of chocolate that can do wonders for our health. Xocai has increased my energy, reduce my inflammation and my joints feel better now after taking the product. I am stronger than ever before; better yet, I don’t have sweet cravings anymore. I don’t reach for candy bars anymore. Not a day goes by without taking my healthy Xocai dark chocolate.”

Wally Joyner

Professional Baseball Player, Atlanta Braves

After three months of eating healthy chocolate faithfully, I began to have energy. I mean a crazy amount of energy. I have never experienced such vitality and excitement for life!

Marie Osmond

Performer, The Osmonds

“I am participating in the Xocai Chocolate movement because I love the products.”

Dick Fosberry

Olympic Athlete, Visionary

“Few studies have specifically investigated the association of high-antioxidant foods such as raw cocoa with safe and effective weight control. Our study is the first to truly examine this relationship, and its findings were very pronounced.”

Machiel N. Kennedy

MD, American Journal of Bariatric Medicine

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